Regions of the Planet Carmen, Holy Places of Lady Fate and her Sister’s Burger Empire – an Infographic Map

So this map is a bit different. This is actually for my own fiction and it’s a heavily biased map, created by someone who obviously believes Iydra Shovak is Lady Fate. This map covers all of her major sacred places, the regions where she’s worshiped as Lady Fate/Carmenjia, the region where Carmenjia is worshiped but she is not, and the capitalistic spread of her sister’s burger empire. Very different interests from two powerful ladies. One’s a seemingly immortal goddess, one’s a young upstart with a goddess backing her. You are welcome to use this map for your own private use if for some crazy reason you want to make a game around it. However, you cannot use parts of this map for commercial use.

I have posted the high res version of this map of the Planet Carmen on the Cartographer’s Guild. I think WordPress automatically shrinks the image to a reasonable size, so you’re welcome to click on that link and download the full sized print res image (possibly only if you’re a member of the forum?).

Some of the reason I decided to make this map was for the monthly Cartographer’s Guild mapping challenge, since the prompt (the sisters) reminded me of the storyline. I also wanted to try a different technique for the ocean shading. Finally, I wanted to create a map with a strong graphic design / information delivery technique, that might demonstrate my skills for more corporate use maps. Of course this is still a fictional setting with a few goofy place names, not a “real world” map, but I think this demonstrates my ability to handle a larger amount of information in a visually appealing way.

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