The Kilean Archipelago – Dreams of the Dying Novel Map

Yep, it’s for an Enderal themed novel, by a writer involved with the original full conversion Skyrim mod. Nick’s work can be found and supported on Patreon. Pretty exciting! The story delves into the past of Jespar, a fan favorite from the game, expanding on the world but without requiring someone to have played the game to appreciate the novel. The two are simply adjacent works set in the same world and containing an overlapping character and themes. So someone who appreciates one or the other, of course, is going to enjoy the expanded world experience. But it’s not necessary. As for this map, lots of great new things here! A highly detailed and might I add, thematic border. An Archipelago! A jungle themed map! The setting and choice of environment is so different than the usual fantasy theme I’m handed, here we have ziggurats, we have monsters…

Overall, I have to say I’m very happy with the end result of this map. It’s energetic and full of life, very cohesive, and original. It communicates not just about the world and important locations, but about the underlying meaning of the very world itself. I’m not going to talk about the subtleties and give away the story, but I’m extremely happy with how deep and complimentary this piece of art turned out.

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