Kalder Foss Canyon City Map Painting (step by step screenshots included!)

digital painting concept art fantasy city top down dungeons and dragons roleplaying game low fantasy steampunk medieval pathfinder setting

About this art piece (a fantasy canyon city)

This canyon city map features a road into the city, an outer and inner district, multiple custom building features. It was labor intensive to craft, you would not believe how much time shading individual tiny buildings take. Aaaahh hand cramp. But I’m pleased with the end result. It is for a client’s personal use in their roleplaying sessions. We were aiming for something inspired by Skyrim. Cold, dirty, norse, although not very wooden because as you may notice, this is not a place for trees. Very sparse, barren. So that’s where the overall color scheme comes from–of course it’s not at all like the Skyrim game map or any of the Elder Scrolls. Capturing the sort of feeling of being in that world though. A dirty high fantasy, maybe even a bit of steampunk, a sense of the presence of low technology being used throughout the world. There are the cranes, some mines. Oh yeah, and the frozen river. Who knows what’s up with that.

There’s no text or labels due to that being the client’s preference. So you can just use your imagination to guess what’s going on here.

A treacherous road snakes up the canyon wall, winding its way to the hamlet on top. Flush with worldbuilding detail. I’m pleased with this result. I haven’t made a lot of other cities. And none of them have been painted renderings.

How I Painted Kalder Foss, Canyon City

Ever wonder how I paint things? Yeah, me too. Here’s the progress shots for this particular piece of high fantasy worldbuilding.

How to commission a fantasy cartographer (more specifically, me)

So you like the art and you want to hire me. Generally this is because you’re a dungeon master or game crafter of some kind, or maybe a novelist or fantasy writer. Writing is hard work, respectfully–I do some of that too! And I know how much it helps to be able to keep track of areas in a setting. A few good assets can be a tremendous assistant for the writer or game master. See where you’re playing. You’ve made a good choice!

Email me at calthyechild@gmail.com with some information about your project.

Talking to me about a map is a low pressure, zero commitment way to find out if I can help you. Questions are freeeeee.

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