Lord of the Rings New Zealand Australia Wedding Invitation Spinner

Lord of the Rings Map Wedding Invitation Spinner New Zealand Australia Custom

Get a custom Lord of the Rings wedding invite in fantasy map style designed

Are you looking to have your own custom Lord of the Rings wedding invitations designed? Congratulations on your special fantasy Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or other fantasy series wedding design! What a great choice! I would love to make you a custom Lord of the Rings wedding invitation or any other fantasy map style of invitation for your wedding.

To have your own wedding invitation designed, click here and email me the following information for your custom LotR wedding invitation

  • Style: round spinner or square or rectangle folding card
  • Map location screenshot: either the location of the wedding, and or the location of the home of the bride / groom / any other arrangement of people getting married. Don’t worry, I am LGBT friendly and happy to design your wedding invitation for any specification of people.
  • Alternative fictional map style: A map could also be made of a few icons related to the relationship of the couple, and not physically represent where they’re coming from and going to, such as a favorite restaurant, park, bar, club, theatre, statue, fountain, church, home. In this case, send photos of the facade of the location. This could be themed as a journey, a pirate map, a vintage park or fair, or really anything you can imagine.
  • Map icons: Any features important to the people getting married.
    Lord of the Rings elvish text compass: If you would like anything written in the flaming ring style let me know. In this case, I think they wanted a quote in Arabic. I can have it written in a Lord of the Rings elvish script font or use a script font for something in
  • Text: on legend or border with romantic quote or location information and date of wedding.
  • Information: about the wedding pertinent to guests for the opposing side (ideas: kids allowed/not allowed, alcohol/no alcohol, vegetarian/meat, gifts/money/donations, parking, sleeping arrangements, dancing, times, locations, map to the venue, allergies, contact for party rsvp, dance, dj, music information)

    About this map style cartography wedding invitation for nerds

So this is a custom illustration for a Lord of the Rings style wedding. It was designed to be cut out with a template and attached to a second piece that would be exposed beneath the window. This is a rare moment for me, where I did a map that wasn’t for a book or a movie or a game… hope the couple has a blessed day!

This particular wedding was for a marriage where someone was moving to the other country, and included options with an airplane flying over the sea, and information in the round which the card was cut and attached so it could be rotated.

Note I am not a printer, only a graphic designer. I will provide appropriate digital files for you to have wedding invitations printed close to you, or from any amazing print on demand producer of your choice. email me your information today to get started with a free, no-obligation quote!

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