Free 24 Hour Dungeon Tracking Clock

Game Master 24 hour day-night clock for tracking time spent in dungeons!

A 24 hour tracking clock with 6 clocks on an A4 sized page for you to keep track of time while running a dungeon in some sort of roleplaying game. System agnostic, though of course everyone likes the Dungeons and Dragons 5e these days, including myself, this is simply a clock. Print it out and use little ticks on the side or scribble notes on top or whatever. You might want to note how long the party spends on short and long rests, or if they spend a particularly long time dithering around a trap in the hallway. Maybe you secretly have orcs moving along a secret passage in search of the same treasure as the party and you want to compare their progress as planned to the party’s progress. This is just a simple tool to help Dungeon Masters and Game Masters keep track of how much time has passed. Print out as many as you would like. A tip option is included, however, this asset is free for you to download and use for all purposes except the direct sale of the asset.

If you were hoping for clocks less like 1-24, and more along the lines of countdown hype building, I will be releasing a set for that shortly, though not for free.

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