Alphabet, numbers 1-100, runes and assorted symbols 10 color options on circle tokens for Virtual Tabletop VTT RPGs, over 1000 tokens!

These tokens were originally released on roll20 but not everyone uses that VTT. There are several others on which these tokens could be used! You can download the sets and upload them into any Virtual Tabletop you would like! As each of these packs sells for $4.99 on Roll20 in accordance with their item limits and price guidelines, you can get all 5 sets for a significant discount buying them directly from me! They are sized at 140×140 pixels and sorted into folders based on the original sets.

Runic M, dwarf runes symbol token.

Not only are there numbers 1-100 (many packs stop at 10!) but there are letters A-Z and rune tokens! These can be used to label your dungeon or keep track of status effects. Finally, there are a few different symbols for statuses and a blank token for you to customize if none of these fit the bill.

Indigo moon token sample.

See the full set artwork on Roll20 and buy them here if you want them pre-installed in that VTT! They’re also in smaller groups if you don’t want them all. You can download them after purchase on Roll20 and port them to a different tabletop.

Buy them here if you would like to save money but you will have to install them yourself into a tabletop of your choice.

Purchase of my tokens gives you the right to use them in a professional game, a streamed game, a videoed game etc. Further terms exist in the purchase terms of service page. You could print them, but they weren’t made at print resolution.

Scratched off token.