Blood and Ash Gift Map

Gift Map of Blood and Ash World

This map was commissioned by a husband whose wife’s favorite book series is by Jennifer L Armentrout: Blood and Ash (click to go buy and read the book!), Flesh and Flame and the War of Two Queens which includes the settings of Atlantia, Iliseeum and the Known World. There is some world hopping so my commissioner requested the setting of the stories done in a New Zealand inspired color and art style, with their home and friends and family in New Zealand featured as if they were part of the world too.

So this map includes a fanart recreation of Atlantia and Iliseeum (owned by the author) and then New Zealand (using ESRI data).

Usually my commissions are from the author of the book, but not in this case, so I hope if you find this, Jennifer, you enjoy this fan-created map. I tried my best to make it accurate to the existing maps while giving it the New Zealand flavor requested by my client, and also some of my own flare too.

The map was loved by the recipient of the gift and it now occupies a place on their wall.

Map on wall

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2 thoughts on “Blood and Ash Gift Map

  1. I cried rivers when I opened this! Absolutely, hands down the best birthday present I have ever received. Thank you so much. I understand that months of collaboration went into bringing this together to incorporate flavours of our relationship, home, and family into the map. It’s incredible.

    1. Thank you, Esther! I’m so glad to hear from you directly that you loved this gift. I thought it was very thoughtful of your husband and he put a lot of work into making sure that what I created was going to reflect both your interests, your relationship and your connections. <3

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