The Continent of Metaria Fantasy Map Painting

Feed the Multiverse fantasy maps by Tiffany Munro Metaria continent fantasy map painting

Fantasy Map Painting by Tiffany Munro Feed the Multiverse Maps

The continent of Metaira. Complete with a spine mountain range, a raging storm, and several fantasy sea monsters. This map was made for a TTRPG campaign! I can also make you a map for your RPG, either to reference as a game master or to wow your party. Just email or Discord message me to get started.

I also made a region for this world with more details than show on this larger continent map.

Check out a closeup of the Bloodfen Keep and Gulf of Storms! Bloodfen Keep and Gulf of Storms Region Map

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2 thoughts on “The Continent of Metaria Fantasy Map Painting

  1. Hey my friends and i are looking for a map to use for a dragon continent we are creating and i was wondering if you had an unlabeled vers. of the metaria map??

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