Dau – Almaeran Region Map with Conlang Script (multiple images: cipher, planet token, farm illustration)

Dau Almaera Tiffany Munro Feed the Multiverse fantasy maps fantasy satellite city with streets conlang Ekaeli conscript

Topographic Satellite Style Fantasy Map

This map was designed with QGis and World Creator to give it a 3D terrain with light topography lines because the depth of this region is important to me. Then I drew in streets manually when I did the calligraphy. The hand lettering in English and Ekaeli script contains conlang in the script portion. So it isn’t an exact translation from English.

This shows the region around the Vilanar capital city of Dau and Saerin and Xan’s farm. I made a bookmark isometric illustration of the farm!

Saerin and Xan's farm Almaera Dau Tiffany Munro Feed the Multiverse fantasy maps
Saerin and Xan’s farm isometric map illustration.

Other Maps of Almaera

Since this is for my own project, I have other maps of Almaera. This one includes a previous version of the Ekaeli conlang script for family labels: Almaera Fantasy Map Family Territory and Earlier Version of Ekaeli Conlang Script

This one is some artwork of the planet done at terrain level in World Creator.

This is a painting of the city of Endoth, which is to the north east of this region at the feet of the northern mountain range.

Estavin is another continent on this planet.

Map of Almaera proper, Feed the Multiverse Tiffany Munro's maps fantasy world map with maelstrom
The World of Almaera. Work in progress map. You’ll find this region in the central continent in the north, look for the label “Dau” to find it!
Almaera globe parchment fantasy map Tiffany Munro Feed the Multiverse
On a globe you’ll find Lake Riana in the north-east.
Almaera planet token Tiffany Munro feed the Multiverse
Here is a planet token if you want to include Almaera on a space map!

This map has Conlang and a Con-Script

I enjoy constructing languages and ciphers. I can be commissioned to create language for you or make a cipher. Just email or Discord message me to get started!

Conlang on the map includes “-eman” for Town, “-oth” for city, Foehlan for “farmland/home”, diyehred for “basement”, and “Maerandis” for “collective territory of the Family”, vlondau for “lake”, dauinen for “river”. The name of the river given in English is the Ekaeli word for “flower”, and the name of the city, Dau, is the Ekaeli word for “water”, referring to the large waterfall the town surrounds. Two final tidbits: the village “Corat” is “Unknown”, and the village in the top north west is for naming. Its name, “Tanlia” is literally “recognize-name-verb”.

How to say Hello in EkaeliI have a lot more information on the language but haven’t made a page for it on the site yet. If you’re interested in knowing more about Ekaeli, just leave a comment down below! I might expand the site to have a Learn Ekaeli section for the curious!

How to say hello in Ekaeli
How to say Hello / Greetings in Ekaeli!

The Vilanars have a strong naming tradition where names are not reused unless they want to forget the person who had the name first, “name dilution”. So you must go to Tanlia to have your children’s names approved. They will either be ridiculously long names, as all the good names are taken, or from an official list of names for dilution. You may of course go by a nickname but if the nickname is of a well known Vilanar, then that will be insulting to the Family.


Here’s the script. In order to read, you need to know how vowels work. Vowels will float above the consonant they succeed, except for vowel capitalization rules.

If a vowel starts a word, it begins with the capital. If a vowel begins a suffix, such as -eman or -oth, it will be capitalized. If a Family Name is capitalized, this doesn’t impact the starting consonant (“Vilanar”), but instead the first vowel, so it will be written “vIlanar” in the con-script. If a Family Name begins with a vowel and is capitalized, the second vowel will be capitalized (“Elass” in English, “ElAss” in Ekaeli). Capitalization is a mark of station within the family, and they are referred to as Capital or Core family. Someone can be a non-capital family member, and in that case the name would be written “vilanar” or “Elass” respectively. These include people adopted into the family or who have joined for other reasons.


Ekaeli script 2022 conlang conscript constructed language elvish

Commission Tiffany Munro from Feed the Multiverse maps to make a map for you!

I take commissions for work like this. I can make you a map, a script, part of a language, planet tokens, and more! Whatever you need to help you build your world. Just send me an email or Discord message to get started!

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