The North End of Winnipeg – historical fantasy map

Fantasy historical-inspired style map of Winnipeg North End Point Douglas city regional map

Winnipeg Map for Craig Pross to jazz up a section of public office with a Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons twist on a historical style city region map. So there’s several inspirations going on here.

The locations featured are schools and various beneficial organizations who Craig’s team works in partnership with in the North End, plus a few local places of note. It’s not true to scale but more of an artistic insertion of those locations over the street map. And there are a few fun fantasy things going on as well. The streets are technically accurate in their position and naming however, making it actually functional.

This was my first city map and I really appreciate Craig’s patience with me. Synchronicity brought us together. This is the one time I’ve worked with someone from my own home city so I wanted to do Winnipeg proud.

If you are not local to Winnipeg, and happen to find yourself in the North End, I attest to the legitimacy of this map. You can indeed use this to navigate and locate yourself some tasty food, groceries, or shelter in North Winnipeg. Or education, because there’s lots of schools on there. Of course this is because of the office it was going into, a public education government office. 😀 You’ll find their office somewhere up in the north north in the illustration. It’s a nondescript office building with just an address. Not exciting, but it is their home, and the home of the actual print of this art. Thanks!

Want to hire me to create a fantasy map or historical style map of your own city? (or a made up city, that’s good too) my commission page is here.

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