Stormtomes Large Fantasy World Map for RPG 5e Dungeons and Dragons game map

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I custom made this fantasy world map for a 5e Dungeons and Dragons game map. The commissioner had very little information for me to work off of, so I happily invented dozens and dozens of features. Basically the end result here was to create a world based on Mars to run a 5e Dungeons and Dragons worldbuilding and exploration. So this is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e country map, though nothing specifically ties it to that system so it could also be used for a systems agnostic RPG game master.

email me to have a quote for your custom fantasy map made or click here to learn more about fantasy world building and my consultant cartographer freelance work.

Things I can do for YOU


One of the things I offer for my fantasy cartography commissioners is worldbuilding consultation. I am available to hire for your worldbuilding project and will design maps completely from scratch, invent names, and give you details to exploit in your games. While I have very little time to do roleplaying games myself, I have a long history of love for them. World building for fantasy settings is one of my favorite things to do, and if you would like me to make you a setting >there is information to commission me to make you fantasy cartography here.

Features I haven’t added to that page include:
-I can make custom symbol sets for you to create maps with.
-I can create namebanks for you to draw from.
-I can create lists for you to roll dice off of to randomly generate world things.
-I can be hired to invent you a fictional world map for dnd 5e, Pathfinder, Fate, and all system-agnostic RPG work.

Artistic thoughts on the design of this specific fantasy world map

This D&D 5e custom fantasy world map was designed to have a realistic color scheme. It’s slightly lower in contrast and saturation, creating the effect of a world that’s been caught up in modern times and forgotten about old magic. Old magic is beginning to re-emerge and there are multiple locations throughout the world the players will have to visit. However, it is divided by a nearly inhospitably hot band across the equator, creating a desert of glass and boiling seas.

The fantasy fictional world shape was inspired by martian maps, to create an otherworldly continent of enormous size full of treacherous terrain for the characters to work their way through the game. The PCs include a tribesman and halfling from the south, and a tiefling from the north, and I attempted to create areas of unique culture for each PC to originate from in this D&D 5e country map.

It was created on a budget (considering the amount of worldbuilding I did), so there are a few tells–mountain brushes and whatnot. Overall I’m satisfied with the visual cohesion and was excited to get the chance to make my own world shape. Some clients come to me with very specific details, but I enjoy the opportunity to flex my creativity.

Don’t hesitate to contact me even if you have very few details. I will fill in your worldbuilding gaps. I am happy to support Dungeon Masters who are in a time crunch or don’t have the creative interest to make up hundreds of names and features to fill in what their players may only gloss over in passing.

Email me to have a free no-obligation quote for your custom fantasy map or world building cartography consultant needs for 5e dnd games and really any other system you love, so don’t be shy.

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