Fictional County and Street Map in Google Maps API style for RPG (2 maps)

The classic Google Maps API style is desirable for certain games set in a contemporary period, be they adventure, crime, mystery, horror, or a crossover of genres.

email me to have a custom google maps style fictional map for your contemporary game module designed today!

Urban Fantasy Street Map in Google Maps style

These two maps were designed in Adobe Illustrator to mimic the look of Google maps for an urban fantasy detective game setting. I deviated a little from the traditional limits (it’s not a State park, but I used green anyway because it’s heavily wooded mountains). The waterways are a reservoir lake, which was fun to design. Overall I feel like I really achieved the look this client wanted, with the bonus of being completely resizable to be written on for gameplay.

The blank corner is supposed to be a stateline, and also for some graphic design elements that I will not be adding.

Oct 2019 edit commentary – If I were to redo this today, one thing I would do is cut the edges off but at the time, I was new at Illustrator. Also, if I were to do this today, I would use Affinity Designer, because boo on Adobe and subscription models leeching away all of my money. Or perhaps I would use Other World Mapper, which would also handle the Google API style for a fictional map designed to go into a contemporary RPG module for a game master.

Anyway, long story short, I’m still happy with it but I think it would be better if I redid it now.

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