City of Caladhea map for Flight

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City of Caladhea, the City of White Sails fantasy city map for novel

Yaayyy first real fantasy city map in a long time! I learned a lot putting this map together. This is for the Canadian novel series Call of the Rift, books 1 and 2, Flight and Veil by Jae Waller. Many details can be found throughout this city map, designed for a small scale print. These books are linked from my Bookshelf.

This is one of the most beautiful fantasy towns I’ve had the privilege of working on. It contains many attentions to detail and life in the world, which can also be viewed in my portfolio: Region map for Flight. The City of White Sails of course has an extensive harbor, with small boats and docks, warehouses, and the bustle of daily life and chores in this hard environment. Clues to the beliefs of the people and the magic system and the anchoring themes are indicated throughout in motifs and interwoven with detailed notes from the author, Jae, who put an extensive love into her world building. The books are beautiful too and I’m pleased to say I recommend them for you.

I’m Tiffany Munro, fantasy map artist / cartographer, and you can hire me to draw you a custom fantasy city or village map for your novel as well. All you have to do is email me to get started.

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