Village of Villasboro colored town map

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Villasboro Village Map for Valantium Imperium Novel Series

This is the first proper village type of map I’ve ever done, the closest to an isometric sort of illustration. I think it turned out neat. This is another map for the Valantium Imperium series, which can be found Bookshelf and purchased on Amazon. I ended up doing multiple maps, not just the Village of Villasboro, for this series.

There is the fantasy country / continent map I did of Valantia. The Valantian Imperium map – Parchment and watercolor fantasy map with simple legend and ice caps

There is also the work I did on the book cover in collaboration with another artist. Fantasy City Painting – Cover Art for Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium! (more images inside)

Finally, there is this black and white road and city map I did to show a close up region of some of the Valatian Imperium. Route Map with Fantasy City Inserts and Illustrations (3 images)

A village map in this isometric style could also be useful for a roleplaying game campaign. I could easily see the map of Villasboro style specifically being useful to someone who wanted to create a custom roleplaying game campaign map. I would be happy to create someone a custom RPG village map. To get started, email me.

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