Pricing guide for RPGs and Indie Creators

So you want to commission a map for your Dungeons and Dragons campaign

and you want to know how much it’ll cost.

Content in my portfolio as of writing cost anywhere between $50-$1000+. Maps range in complexity. If this is for a commercially published project, contact me for a quote at calthyechild@gmail, please.

However, I understand those wondering have smaller projects for self published or private roleplaying games.

This is my current pricing metric for private, non-commercial / indi creators in need of map artwork. Prices subject to negotiation based on density, turnaround time, etc.

Single location black and white battlemap on a grid: $15 per room–with some wiggle room for what’s considered a “room”. For example a prison cell block would be a room, not each cell. I created a hollowed out tree with four levels, that was a “room”. If it’s a larger exterior layout, $50.
If it fits on a single page of a novel and is black and white ink: $75-$150
If it’s also got a color version-$100.
If it’s a two page spread for a book: $120-$250
If it’s a standard printer paper size for a game with lineart and parchment underneath: $150
If it’s a small poster in color: $300

Proper full size painted posters are expensive, what can I say, they take time to draw. Big posters and vector work are more expensive.