The basics

Size of map:
Sketch or description of map contents:
Any writing in which you describe the world:
Any art which demonstrates what you’d like:
Any maps which you particularly liked:

Possible questions you could answer.

Inspiration for architecture, motifs, similar fandoms, culture:
Do you want animals or monsters, if so, what kinds:
Do you want a compass, if so, a basic arrow, a traditional compass, or a fancy custom compass?
Do you want a frame, if so, would you like a basic frame, one with corner icons, a fancy custom one? If you want bumper icons, are there any images from your world that you might like woven in?
Do you want a world label, if so, what should it say?
Is your world based on any existing culture or time period?
What are the most important images you would like to capture?
How is this map being used? Is it supposed to have been drawn by someone in universe, or a helpful side asset for a roleplaying game?
What is the most important data this map should convey?
What style of icons should be used to represent important features?
Should there be a legend? What would you like featured? Ei: measurements, town, city, fort icons, etc.
Do you want individual trees, or forest ‘clumps’?
What biomes will this map cover?
Do you want colored biomes, or icons to indicate biomes?
What manmade features might you like to see added? Ei: ships, power lines, roads, railways, mines, shipping routes.
What scale is this map?
Will you need a version for the players and a version for the DM?
Will you need me to invent filler place names?
Will you want me to fill in gaps in the world where you haven’t developed?
How would you like water to be represented?
How would you like mountains and hills to be represented?

Thanks for reading. I’ll add more if I think of it.