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Free Battlemap and Map Stock Assets to create your own map

So you want free things and obviously commissioning me to make you your own custom map comes at a cost. If the free fantasy map making generators don’t do it for you, you’ll have to make your own map. Here’s a few leads on free items.

Battlemap Assets for VTT Token scale encounter maps

I sometimes cut up free stock photos or my own photos to use as map elements. When I do this, I share them on the Cartographer’s Guild for all to download freely. This is a continually updating thread, so rather than share a batch here that will eventually be outdated, feel free to snag any of these assets. If you follow the forum organization you will find many other free assets by other forum members including Bogie, Hermit, and Kier, all of whose assets occasionally appear in my battlemaps and are offered under the same generous terms as mine.

Assets for Overland Maps including Brushes

Sometimes I make free brushes or stock or tutorials. Those resources can be found on my DeviantArt. My resource page on DeviantArt includes a few Photoshop brush sets, some Clip Studio Paint brushes, tutorials, assorted textures and stock, all free for your use commercially and non. Now… I made these when I was pretty young, they’re not great quality… but some may still find them useful.

A fellow member of the Cartographer’s Guild, KMA, a writer and not a commission taking artist, has created hundreds of brush sets based on historical maps free for use. K.M.Alexander’s blog is where you will find these brush sets, for Photoshop or, if you are exceptionally willing to cut up hundreds of brushes, there is also a single image included in every pack with all of the brushes as a png… simply spend a few hours slicing and you’re in business if you don’t use Photoshop (I do not use Photoshop as part of my process). All of these are historical.

Free Textures to Style your own map

Obviously I buy a ton of textures to keep my assortment fresh, but there are many awesome free ones! Here’s a few to get you started.

Dierat’s resources include some lovely textures. It’s a good start. I often use these as a start.

Hibbary’s resources have some great potential for fantasy maps. They pair well! I don’t use these but they’re popular.

These should get you started on the old map look.

Comments are Open!

You have my permission to share in the comments below any 100% free map making elements you have found, including symbol sets, textures, and excellent fonts.

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