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I'm Tiffany Munro, World Building and Cartography Consultant. I draw fantasy maps and design worlds for books, novels, Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, Board and Video Games, Movies, TV, YouTube, Campgrounds, Museums, and anything that requires custom cartography.


Real World Maps

The North End of Winnipeg – historical fantasy map

Mediterranean Map – 1085 Manzikert in Byzantine historical medieval map style

Fictional County and Street Map in Google Maps API style for RPG (2 maps)

Topography Map of Utah Watercolor (bonus mini tutorial writeup)

Camp Brachel Bandana Map Blue with White Icons custom campground campsite map

Lord of the Rings New Zealand Australia Wedding Invitation Spinner

Perspective angle view from above ranch farmland barns horses buildings small map of countryside done in watercolor style

Gold and gray map of Brazil in South America – Vector Illustrator map

Post apocalyptic modern street map New York

Old fashioned map of Europe for game

Muskoka Lake pirate map – Ontario pirate style map

Clans of Yamato – map of Japan with clan logos

Solomon map of Israel – vintage parchment style

Putah Creek Winery map

4 maps – New Zealand Fantasy Map

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© Tiffany Munro and commissioners. This is a portfolio of commissioned work. Please do not reuse maps without permission (a few of them are my own projects and are marked as such on the map page). I have resources available for making your own map on my DeviantArt page. I also have a list of free fantasy map generator tools 2019 Feed the Multiverse custom fantasy maps for novels, RPG campaigns, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, world building consultant, Custom Tools for Game Masters

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