About Me

My name is Tiffany Munro and I am a Canadian digital artist. I hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and can be most often found indoors. I take commission work to create your custom world. Digital cartography and art map work, concept work, and finally, color work.

I’ve been designing maps for fantasy novels, board games, digital game media, and film since 2013. My interest in fantastic cartography began as a teenager in books such as Lord of the Rings. This continued on into my adulthood, and so I made my interest in this niche art into my career.

Hiring me comes with the bonus of adding an LGBT woman to your team. Therefore adding diversity to your crew!

I specialize in worldbuilding. I design Tolkien-style maps, Game of Thrones style maps, Skyrim… so on and so forth. But let’s not make this map keyword stew. You clicked on this to learn more about ME.

My other housemate is a long tuxy cat and we both love sushi. I play piano, sleep in a hammock (sometimes joined by the cat), and attend an Anglican church every Sunday evening. I consider myself “spiritual”. For entertainment, you will not be surprised to discover I enjoy consuming the very style of media I create.


Love my portfolio? I am available for your custom map work. You can contact me at calthyechild@gmail.com. Further information available on the commissions page.

Existing customers

If you are one of my clients and you have published the item the map is for, contact me at calthyechild@gmail.com with any links you would like added to the portfolio listing. I have lost contact with many of you, but would be delighted to see the finished work and share it with my future clients.