Mistshore District of Waterdeep City RPG clue handout ‘Grinda Garloth’

Handout for DM Clue in Waterdeep Dragon Heist

This is a clue commissioned by a DM running a campaign in Waterdeep, I believe Dragon Heist. This is a close up region of the existing city of Waterdeep map, with a focus on where the party needs to go next to meet up with a quest giver. A map of this simplicity, with a tiny amount of information, is comparatively cheap next to a map with an exceptionally dense amount of information like the map of The Free City of Bayonne – Vampire the Masquerade Setting map.

So, these two maps are polar opposites in price point. This is as cheap and simple of a map as I am ever commissioned to make, “a hasty sketch, not purchased in the store” I was told. It was done in one, no edits, about 2 hours of work. Maybe a little bit more. If you need extremely simple single use campaign artwork, feel free to reach out, I will consider those commissions as well as high end ones!

Anyway, this art now exists, fitting the description of a specific in campaign event trigger, so, if you need a Grinda Garloth Mistshore region handout for a Waterdeep campaign, well, now you got one, thanks to pro Patrick. If you need it, you know why you need it. If you don’t, well, enjoy the art. 🙂

While I took some liberties to sort of make this my own piece of art rather than a trace of the actual map, the city of Waterdeep is not my original setting, it belongs to Wizards of the Coast, and you should buy their products! 😀

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