Corinth and the Cambrian Supercontinent

How to get a custom map made for my (your) DM / GM?

A wonderful question, and one that is not often heard by me is, how can I get a gift map for my GM? Most of the time it is DMs commissioning art for their players enjoyment, but this map was commissioned by a lovely party as a gift for their DM. Please enjoy this super continent map with regional color variants and individual hand rendered mountain ranges.

This fantasy world has been the pet project of this game master for years and his players chose to buy him a map to print and solidify it. You too can contact me if you want a fantasy RPG map made for your game master. đŸ™‚

There is no better time to commission a Christmas Gift

It is September at the time of writing. Think of what you can accomplish for a custom gift, and reach out before it’s too late!

This custom fantasy RPG continent map was a birthday gift

If it’s for a birthday, and you have the sketch, consider commissioning me at least one month in advance.

However, there is another option.

Get a gift card!

While I do not offer a formal gift card service, you can prepay me the value of a typical size of map and give your DM my contact information, explaining that whatever they desire is covered.

Thanks for being the best party, you people.

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