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I'm Tiffany Munro, World Building and Cartography Consultant. I draw fantasy maps and design worlds for books, novels, Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, Board and Video Games, Movies, TV, YouTube, Campgrounds, Museums, and anything that requires custom cartography.

Edgewood Monsters and Mythos map

This awesome map is for an upcoming video series about an RPG campaign, as I understand it. I will link more information when I have it. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome art designed to cover the main areas of the story.

It is the Land of Edgewood, a country designed for adventuring parties to explore. The YouTube series is yet to come and will be by Monsters and Mythos or called Monsters and Mythos as I understand. This map will be imposed onto a book in the animation and in parchment style.

This beautiful black and white fantasy map is full of details for you to explore. If you would like to commission a custom fantasy country map for your own RPG campaign, all you need to do is email me with some information to get started with a cost-free no obligation quote.

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