Triple Kingdom Iron Gate Administration old map

Triple Kingdom fantasy parchment battle map of duchies kingdoms country forest parchment old pirate steampunk old map medieval roleplaying dungeons and dragons regional regions provinces administration

A Beautiful Parchment Fantasy Old Map

old battle map parchment fantasy shadow forest
Click for closeup details of the Iron Gate Administration!

With this cartography commission, I aimed for a particularly old map style. I’m particularly proud of this map’s forests and their subtle color changes. There were also quite a lot of different border types to assimilate into the image, so again, another thing with which I am quite pleased. I think it works, without being too much.

I took inspiration from several different maps from the 16th century to try get an appropriately historical feel, matching the sense I got from this author’s writing. Also, I took pains to match all of the location illustrations with descriptions given in their writing. Finally, I tried to make art that seemed appropriate to have been created in that time period, and by those people. There are a few bits of my stylistic digital art flare, with high contrast colors or glows. For the most part I tried to create a more natural, watercolor style blend to the coloration. So we have this blend of medieval old map inspiration and modern digital art.

Normally I do the ‘water echo’ edges, but I went for something a bit different with the waves on this map. It was a last minute finishing touch to add the subtle wave texture around the trim.

The border accidentally came together when I picked the wrong font, and I just kind of went with it.

This map is intended for print, for a private collection. It’s not uncommon for dedicated roleplaying groups to get a feature map to hang on the wall as a testament to their story and a convenient reference point. They wanted something which could be rolled out over a table by lantern light and examined by monocled men. Registering as something not quite high fantasy, but not steampowered either. I like it. It ended up with a good old map feel. Like you might push some army tokens over it in a tent by a sputtering lantern.


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